Amouage provides new attars to assortment

In 2021, Amouage relaunched its Attar assortment with six new scents. Now Chief Artistic Officer Renaud Salmon had added two extra creations to the gathering. Amber Sogaraand Santal Sohar.

Amouage say that “These trendy creations draw inspiration from the pure treasures of our Land, the Sultanate of Oman.”

Amber Sogara was created by perfumer Élise Bénat, and is described as a floral amber scent. “A crystal twinkle of Aldehydes uplifts the luscious silkiness of Rose Centifolia blooms caressed by the diaphanous muskiness of Ambrette. A canticle of sunshine and may echoing nonetheless within the antic halls of Al Sogara.”

Karine Vinchon-Spehner is the nostril behind the dry-woody, Santal Sohar. “Powdery-green sweeps of Basil-Rose meet the spicy vermillion of Clove bark all dimmed within the mellow, gourmand sheen of Sandalwood. The golden aura of a thousand celestial lights glimmering over the traditional harbour of Sohar whence spices and sandal used to movement.”

Each attars are available now from Amouage.