Falling In Love With My Physique: Cryo What? My Plus Measurement Cryotherapy Expertise!

Most of us have been utilizing CRYOTHERAPY, or chilly remedy, since we had been born. Our first ice pack was a chilly towel within the form of a bunny that we stored within the freezer. Chilly-water immersion, or ice baths, have been used for hundreds of years and might nonetheless be present in most spas at the moment. However extra lately, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), a chamber which exposes all the physique to excessive chilly for a few minutes with temperatures right down to -230°, has grow to be more and more widespread. 

Celebrities from Demi Moore to Will Smith have brazenly talked about complete physique cryotherapy, in addition to athletes like LeBron James swearing by it for post-game restoration. Not that we should always do the whole lot celebrities do, however they typically have entry to remedies that assist in self-improvement earlier than it’s accessible to everybody.

My Plus Size Cryotherapy Experience at True North Cryo

I discovered True North Cryo, a neighborhood enterprise that focuses on cryotherapy. After asking 1,000,000 and one questions corresponding to, “Will the {hardware} from my earlier surgical procedures freeze?”, “Will I match within the chamber?”, “Can I put on contacts?”, and many others, I lastly felt comfy giving complete physique cryotherapy a shot, since I nonetheless undergo from stiffness, nerve injury and ache in my left leg.

The Sauna Expertise Earlier than Cryotherapy

They urged that I first use their infrared sauna for half-hour previous to moving into the cryo chamber. This sauna makes use of infrared waves to activate sweat glands and detoxify, eliminating toxins. And wow, did I sweat! I grew up all the time listening to, “Women don’t sweat, they glisten.” Effectively, my physique should not have gotten that memo, as a result of lady, I sweat! 

However, I truly love sweating, in the appropriate area, after all. Clearly, I don’t need to be sweating all summer season lengthy, however in a sauna, yeah, I adore it!

My Plus Size Cryotherapy Experience at True North Cryo

As soon as, my physique was good and toasty, I dried off and went right down to the chamber. I waited for the individual earlier than me to complete, whereas sitting outdoors a room with the curtain drawn, since most individuals expertise the chamber in simply their underwear. The entire sudden, I heard the music cease and smoke started to billow from beneath the curtain and a chill stuffed the air. Now, I began to get a bit nervous. 

Into the Cryotherapy Machine!

It was my time to drag the curtain apart and enter into what regarded like a futuresque time machine or a vessel that might transport me to a different galaxy. I’m not claustrophobic, however was I actually going to step right into a tiny freezing room?! 

My Plus Size Cryotherapy Experience at True North Cryo

I used to be handed knee-high socks, booties, gloves and earmuffs. Sure extremities should be coated to make sure that nothing will get frostbitten. Residing in Los Angeles for thus lengthy, I began flashing again to snow days as a child in Chicago with all of the winter put on, besides I had by no means worn these with simply underwear earlier than. 

I’m supplied a music distraction for the chamber, and with out hesitation I request Lizzo, as a result of if there may be one fixed in my life, it’s that Lizzo by no means ceases to encourage me to attempt one thing I’m afraid to do! The cryo-expert, Natalie, opens the door and extra liquid nitrogen spills out, however this time I step proper into the supply. She closes the door and rolls down the window. No less than my head isn’t absolutely submerged.

My Plus Size Cryotherapy Experience at True North Cryo

Minus 170 levels! I’m virtually bare in -170 diploma temperature, respiratory and attempting to remind myself I can do something for two minutes. Chilly air dances its means round my pores and skin, not fairly sending shivers, nevertheless, I’m very conscious of how chilly it’s, virtually as whether it is refreshing. 

I Survived the Cryotherapy Course of!

Earlier than “Juice” even ends, Natalie opens the door, and similar to that, the smoke is gone and I’ve survived. I heat up faster than I imagined and do truly really feel a bit energized, though I’m undecided if it’s the cryo or all my nerves. Nevertheless, hours later, I nonetheless really feel the vitality flowing by my legs and arms.

The experts say publicity to such excessive chilly temperatures prompts your physique’s battle or flight response. In return, this diverts blood stream from extremities (arms, legs), together with the whole lot infected or injured, to the very important organs to guard them from freezing. As soon as again at regular temperatures, re-oxygenated blood pumps by the physique. This could depart you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

My Plus Size Cryotherapy Experience at True North Cryo

From my research, I discovered that the doable advantages from WBC embrace:

  • Improved sleep
  • Relieving power ache
  • Soothing power pores and skin situations
  • Lowering nervousness
  • Reducing irritation
  • Boosting muscle restoration
  • Elevating temper

Though many docs and researchers swear by this new development, the FDA has nonetheless not authorised it. And because it goes with any physique therapy, please seek the advice of a physician to make sure therapy is protected for you.

All in all, I actually loved my cryotherapy expertise and felt invigorated afterward.

I’m glad to be trusting my physique once more, that she is able to so many adventures and this is only one extra step in my journey of falling in love with my physique. The physique I’ve proper now, not the one I had or the one I hope to have, the one I’m dwelling in at this precise second!