Gourmand Scents for Shrove (4160)Tuesday(s) & Past

Pancakes or 4150 Tuesdays perfumes? We’ll take each, thanks! And now now we have many of those in 50ml or full-size bottles stocked in our store, it’s even simpler to dip in to the deliciousness.

As a result of we are sometimes what we eat – or at the least, our style preferences will be mirrored within the meals we crave – we thought why not widen this and say ‘we’re what we scent’? So, allow us to match your favorite pancake toppings to some delectably more-ish perfumes from the all the time delightfully eccentric British area of interest home of 4160 Tuesdays. Undoubtedly not just for Pancake Day itself – this home has one thing for each perfumista’s palate. Scents to indulge your self with far past Shrove [4160]Tuesdays…


‘…lemon and orange and actual honey absolute for a contemporary, tasty prime observe that makes you lick your lips. So maybe it’s a gourmand – a scent that smells of tasty meals – however the pancake bit is kind of refined – plus they’re British pancakes, the kind with no sugar within the batter. Oh who’re we kidding? Actually it’s all about heat our bodies.’

4160 Tuesdays Sunshine and Pancakes from £32 for 15ml eau de parfum


‘It leads out with cedrat, orange, tangerine and bergamot important oils,  juicy perfume reminding us of consuming a lemon prime ice cream on a summer season day. In actuality, after its blissful introduction, it’s a gently however completely constructed floral chypre with an iris-narcissus-lily of the valley coronary heart, with a beneficiant topping of white chocolate mousse, tonka absolute and musks.’

4160 Tuesdays Fluffy Lemon Top from £85 for 50ml eau de parfum



‘A very long time in the past in a village perched on a hill, there was a home above a chocolate store the place a newbie perfume-maker’s good friend lived… Over the Chocolate Store is the gloriously wealthy aroma you’ll be able to inhale because the chocolatiers make their first batch of pralines within the early morning. Melting cocoa butter, a splash off espresso, hazelnut extract and a drop of vanilla absolute.’

4160 Tuesdays Over the Chocolate Shop from £100 for 50ml eau de parfum



‘A light-weight, fruity floral perfume which smells like a refreshing glass of fruit punch with a touch of cherry jam.  So how will we create a cherry jam observe? What we did was to mix citrus important oils, flowers, woods and raspberry. We’re happy with its scrumptiousness.’

4160 Tuesdays Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge from £25 for 15ml eau de parfum



‘…the perfect mix of tart with candy, clean with sharp, brilliant with soothing. It’s made with one half tart to 29 elements consolation – the proper steadiness between two contrasting themes, a pudding in a fragrance. It’s all of the delights of smelling rhubarb crumble with custard, a sparky citrus fruit and Yorkshire rhubarb-inspired creamy vanilla delight.’

4160 Tuesdays Rhubarb & Custard 1:29 £100 for 50ml eau de parfum