Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: How To Depuff Eyes

Do you discover your self waking up with puffy and drained eyes even after a great evening’s sleep? We all know the sensation, and we’re right here to assist. The gua sha instrument is a pure treatment that helps depuff the attention space to depart you trying refreshed. This historical method has been used for hundreds of years to enhance circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, leading to a brighter, extra youthful-looking look. Learn on to learn the way a gua sha instrument may help cut back the look of puffiness below your eyes and watch an indication video beneath. 

Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes? | Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: Does It Work? | How To Depuff Eyes: A Step-By-Step

Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes? Signs & Causes

Puffy eyes are a typical difficulty for many individuals, no matter age or pores and skin sort. This situation happens when extra fluid accumulates within the tissues across the eye space, inflicting eyes to look puffy, saggy and worn out. Whereas undereye puffiness just isn’t usually related to a severe medical difficulty, it may possibly make you are feeling self-conscious. The one time undereye puffiness is a purpose for concern is in case you have any:

  • Imaginative and prescient adjustments
  • Ache across the eyes
  • Extreme swelling across the eyes

In case you expertise any of those signs, it’s best to search medical consideration instantly. 

There are a number of components that may contribute to the event of puffy undereyes. Listed below are a few of the most typical causes. 

Lack Of Sleep

Some of the widespread causes of undereye puffiness just isn’t getting sufficient shuteye. Once you’re drained, your physique produces extra of the stress hormone cortisol, which might trigger fluid retention and irritation. 

Allergy symptoms

Eye puffiness could also be a symptom of an allergic response or seasonal allergic reactions. Publicity to mud, pet dander and pollen may set off histamine reactions like watery eyes, itchiness and puffiness. 

Pure Ageing

As we age, our pores and skin matures and thins out, shedding its elasticity because of a drop in collagen manufacturing. Our pores and skin turns into extra susceptible to sagging and growing effective traces and wrinkles, in addition to making a saggy or puffy look below the attention space. 


Genetics may trigger your undereye space to naturally develop fats pads within the undereye space. Gravity can also be an element, serving to fats slide to the decrease eyelid and create an look of puffiness.

Way of life Elements

For some, a excessive salt consumption or ingesting alcohol could cause fluid retention across the space. In case you’re a smoker, this could additionally result in untimely getting old, inflicting sagginess within the pores and skin together with the attention space.

Now that you simply’ve recognized what could be the reason for your puffy eyes, let’s learn the way utilizing a gua sha instrument might cut back puffiness.

Gua Sha For Puffy Eyes: Does It Work?

Gua sha, a Chinese language therapeutic methodology, contains scraping the pores and skin with a gua sha instrument. This clean, multi-edged stone instrument might be produced from jade, rose quartz or different semi-precious supplies. Utilizing mild strain, gua sha instruments can be utilized to therapeutic massage the face and physique to scale back muscle pressure whereas enhancing leisure and lymphatic circulation all through the physique (shifting fluids away from a tense space). Most significantly, you should use a gua sha instrument in your undereye space to scale back puffiness and encourage a extra youthful-looking look.

Most significantly, you should use a gua sha instrument in your undereye space to scale back puffiness and encourage a extra youthful-looking look.

So, how does the gua sha instrument work to scale back undereye puffiness? 

Encourages Lymphatic Drainage

Utilizing a gua sha instrument encourages your lymphatic system to do what it does greatest: remove waste from the physique. The mild scraping of the instrument encourages motion of lymphatic fluid away out of your undereye, reducing puffiness.

Improves Circulation 

Once you use the gua sha instrument, you are additionally growing blood circulation to the pores and skin. Elevated blood circulation helps to offer the pores and skin with oxygen and vitamins, whereas additionally decreasing irritation and swelling.

Relaxes Facial Muscle tissues

Rigidity within the facial muscle tissue can contribute to undereye puffiness. The muscle tissue across the eyes are interconnected with the muscle tissue in the remainder of the face. When facial muscle tissue are tense, they have an effect on the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage within the space across the eyes. This could result in a buildup of fluid and swelling, inflicting the looks of undereye puffiness. Through the use of the gua sha instrument to softly therapeutic massage the pores and skin, you possibly can assist to chill out these facial muscle tissue and cut back the look of fatigue and puffiness. 

How To Depuff Eyes: A Step-By-Step

This is how you can depuff tired-looking eyes with a gua sha instrument:

Step 1

Wash your face, then apply a serum or facial oil to arrange your pores and skin. This can reduce the pulling or tugging that may depart pores and skin saggy and let the gua sha instrument go easily over your pores and skin.

Step 2

Slowly transfer the gua sha instrument from the outer nook of the underside of your eye working inward. Then transfer the instrument towards the internal nook of your eye in direction of the temple, after which downwards till you attain the neck. Be certain to not press too firmly and to make use of mild strain.

Step 3

Repeat on the world below your eyes by shifting the gua sha instrument from the internal to the outer nook 5-10 occasions. This repeated motion will encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

Step 4

To additional cut back puffiness after utilizing the gua sha instrument, apply a chilly compress or a cooled spoon to the area round your eyes.

You can even watch Lead Pores and skin-Care Coach Natalie Pergar as she walks you thru a gua sha tutorial for undereye puffiness and offers product suggestions.

Finest Merchandise For Puffy Eyes

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The Hibiscus Extremely Carry Eye Cream is designed to depuff tired-looking eyes, enhance the look of darkish circles and cut back the looks of effective traces and wrinkles. Hibiscus will increase the looks of elasticity within the pores and skin whereas sustaining its moisture to maintain the world trying supple. The inclusion of an ice wine energetic helps to tighten the look of the pores and skin so it seems lifted and clean. 

Lavender Evening Eye Cream

This wealthy, nourishing eye cream incorporates lavender and night primrose to offer soothing, aromatherapy advantages. A novel Argan Stem Cell Advanced fights the looks of crow’s ft and leaves pores and skin trying radiant.

5 Different Suggestions To Depuff Eyes

Along with gua sha, there are a number of different methods you too can use to reduce puffiness round your eyes:

Get sufficient relaxation: Sleep deprivation may end up in fluid accumulation across the eyes, which might make them seem puffy.

Hydrate: Getting sufficient water can assist within the elimination of pollution and the discount of irritation.

Apply a chilly compress: A compress pressed to the area round your eyes will assist cut back swelling and the look of puffiness.

Much less salty meals: Consuming salty meals could make you puffy as a result of an excessive amount of salt can promote water retention.

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