Naptime (and winners – and a giveaway)

My darling Posse –

It’s no secret to anybody who is aware of me IRL – I’m not a napper.  I’m dirunal AF, getting up at 4:30a in Summer time and (gasp!) 6a in Winter.  Nighttime isn’t the fitting time for this lima bean – I’m normally in mattress (and quick asleep) by 10p.  If I’m up at 11p, you realize I’m stressing over one thing that’s in all probability finest left till morning – however whatchagonnado, proper?

I’m additionally unable to take a seat nonetheless for lengthy intervals, most particularly if the climate is okay; I think that is some deep seated Puritanical bent, ‘Idle Hams are the Satan’s Porkchop’ and all that – if it’s attractive out – and daytime – I merely can not waste it being asleep. Gotta be doin’, y’know?

However each every so often the planets will align, rain will fall (or fog will settle) it’ll be a gray, cloudy day, I’ll have been Up and Doing since 3a…and the necessity to take a nap will fall on me like a weighted blanket.  When that occurs I… nicely, I take a nap.  ps.  it helps if it’s a Sunday.

Arina Krasnikova –

So this Sunday – I’d been up because the crack of o’dark-thirty, having gone to mattress at (gasp!) 11:45p as a result of I’d given in to my anxiousness about dying with an workplace stuffed with outdated recordsdata and stuffed three banker’s containers with paper (I don’t want paperwork on sand mine tasks from 10 years in the past).  Destruction of the paperwork, together with different stuff forward of the afternoon rains had me worn out.  So.  A sizzling bathe…and a nap.

However what fragrance to put on for this nap.  And making that call?  You’d suppose I used to be deciding whether or not to punch within the nuclear codes.  Right here had been my issues (and what they dropped at thoughts): (btw – this really occurred)

  1. Lubin Gin Fizz.  Yikes!  Too sparkly..but additionally a tad melancholy, as sparkly fragrances are wont to do (has that occurred to you, the place there’s that little little bit of melancholy lurking underneath an in any other case carefree zing of citrus and aldehydes?). Sniffing it dropped at thoughts Princess Grace’s life and premature passing.  The fairytale…gone bitter.. which then dropped at thoughts the uncertainty of Life for us all… that’s numerous heavy lifting for one little hour’s nap. No, thanks.
  2. Amouage Lyric EXTRAIT.  As a result of, apparently, I’m a Nap Masochist.  This dropped at thoughts one thing Patty stated years in the past once we had been in MiN(NY) one night, sniffing Lyric ‘it’s attractive however you’ll be able to’t give attention to anything’ (paraphrasing there).  And if you happen to suppose she’s proper re the common parfum, you orta attempt  the extrait!  I in all probability may’ve fallen asleep carrying it however it might’ve been a dreamfest of velociraptors in mink stoles and pearls, stomping up fifth Avenue to terrorize Bergdorf – and it’s the previous Bergdorf, with the dove-grey carpet, as a result of velociraptors choose terrorizing the previous Bergdorf, simply ask ’em.
  3. Guerlain Lys Soleil – alas, because it was raining and gray Lys Soleil shaped a discordant counterpoint to the day – the lilies are practically achieved,  the cool, gray, moist day feels Autumnal, waaah waaaah, cry me a river, and many others and many others – this one nearly had me in tears.  So nonono..
  4. Clearly I’m insane and Making Up Tales – these are attractive scents that I really like however none of them stated ‘oooh!  I’ll soothe your fractious soul and knit up your raveled sleave of care’
  5. You understand what did say that?  And delivered?  Uncle Serge’s Daim Blond. Oleksandr Canary Islands

    Longtime Posse know of my adoration for that magnificence – and a wet, 70Fs day is ideal for napping in Daim Blond.  That pretty, dried apricot and comfortable heat suede scent is the proper cocoon of temperance and solace, consolation with out being cloying.  You’re within the walled backyard of a stupendous home in Bruges – you go to sleep and the housekeeper sends a maid out with a comfortable cotton blanket to drape throughout your legs as you slumber within the chaise.  Later, once you awake, there’ll be cool lemonade, freshly made.  However proper now, proper at this second, it’s you, the chaise and the murmuring of busy bees as they forage the waning Summer time flowers. No less than that’s what I bought, whereas I used to be plummeting down the nicely of exhaustion, with Daim Blond wrapping itself round me to cushion that fall.  For the subsequent 90 minutes it was simply me and the (imaginary) bees ; after I awoke it was nonetheless raining, there was no chaise, dagnabbit AND I needed to make my very own lemonade, after all.  Fantasies kinda suck that manner, alas.

Nevertheless it was pretty!

So!  What scents give you the results you want once you consider napping?  Gourmand? Citrus? Floral? Musk? Do you’ve got a Nap Scent?  I believe Daim Blond will forevermore be that Nap Scent for me, however I’m additionally open to strategies.

M. Jacques want to know (he wears Eau du Chien, that charmingly bizarre mashup of moist canine, moist canine farts and the attract of Dwelling within the Second that’s the epitome of a contented, wholesome, snoozing canine.  When you inform him, he’ll throw your identify into the rando(org) combine and poke a Winner!

and that jogs my memory:  I owe you guys some WINNER! Sorry I didn’t reply to any of your pretty feedback on the Peachy put up however we had been delivering components to the wilds of Wisconsin in an unsprung 2-ton pickup.  After final yr’s journey (‘uh..Mike?  Let’s cease – AGAIN’) I discovered to drink NOTHING earlier than boarding the Unsprung .. my bladder was grateful, lemmetellya.  So was the driving force.

BRIGITTE!  Holla at us on gmail (evilauntieanitaAT) – and I’ll get some enjoyable stuff to you!