Onwards! | Fragrance Posse

Blissful entry into 2023.

So. Spent the final week of 2022 combating a chest an infection. Lastly gave up on Thursday and spoke with GP. Appointment to be seen in-person subsequent morning. Antibiotics, directions to do X and Y and name again if mandatory; informed an appointment could be made for chest x-ray and I’d get a letter.

Went to farm store on means house and obtained chocolate. For no matter cause, my physique and being required chocolate. Then went to mattress for many of Friday, one thing I haven’t achieved in years (emerged to edit one small observe and do some emails I couldn’t be bothered to do on iPad) and half of Saturday. Began re-reading Sebastian Faulks Charlotte Grey about love, honour and WW2. In-between stared at ceiling and exhorted immune system to buck up.

Awoke on Sunday morning (ie, at this time, new!!! yr day) feeling like myself fairly than a muelling, exhausted factor. Hurrah.

So, feeling as shiny eyed and bushy tailed as one can really feel whereas nonetheless coughing a bit and on heavy responsibility antibiotics. Feeling fairly cheery and longing for the best way ahead.

What to say about 2022? Both lots or nothing and I’m selecting to say near nothing.

I’m unhappy to see Vivienne Westwood and Pele gone. Each individuals who did good and exuded pleasure.

I can’t scent that nicely proper now, so no perfume to report. I haven’t misplaced my sense of scent, it’s simply gotten, nicely, actually muted.

I don’t do resolutions.

I’ve plans for smelling although and sit up for reporting again.

I’m going to attempt to do Yoga-nary this month (a half hour of yoga observe in some kind daily) even when initially it simply means stretches and respiratory till I’m again as much as power.

I hope to begin to spend extra time in Europe from 2024 (have an EU citizenship so that is do-able) and thus might want to begin to assume this by extra concretely.

And there are different issues however we’ll depart them.

Could it’s an excellent 2023 and be what you want it to be. For those who really feel prefer it, inform us a plan for the yr. And when you wore fragrance, please tell us which one(s) (so I can take pleasure in vicariously).

pic is Pexels