Previous Softie: Avon Pores and skin So Tender

So final weeks publish about Avon appeared to be a reasonably well-liked, and by no means being one to let an opportunity to journey a prepare proper off the rails get away, I made a decision to go forth and truly get a number of the Pores and skin-So-Tender that I initially thought was going to be within the small bottle.

So I bid on a bigger one, and received.

I assume that I’ve a nebulous grip at greatest on sizes. I learn that this was a six-ounce bottle and naturally taking a look at it (as I’m doing as I kind this) I get that six ounces is definitely a reasonably respectable quantity if you’re going for one thing like physique oil in an ornamental dispenser. It’s an expensive quantity of Eau de Cologne and an nearly vulgar quantity of fragrance. Then again it will be a parsimonious serving of Prosecco, so take what you’ll from that. I used to be stunned and happy, and the kitschy bottle is fantastic. I’m simply glad I didn’t pop for the 20 ouncer of SSS I spied on Amazon.

So what’s the stuff like? Effectively, I’m not certain that my impressions shouldn’t be taken with a number of caveats: the bottle isn’t new and though it was within the field (and there’s an elements record) I don’t know if it was made in 2019 or 1920- maybe one of you could possibly chime in? I’m pondering doubtless 1990’s? The juice itself is evident as a bell. The elements record are isopropyl myristate and isopropyl palmitate and mineral oil, alcohol, perfume and some different tongue-twisters. Shea butter it isn’t. It’s actually from again within the day when “Higher Dwelling By Chemical substances” was the order of the day, however I’m simply placing it on pores and skin, not cooking with it or gargling. It looks like extra of an old-fashioned skin-sealant than a contemporary moisturiser. The type you placed on to let your pores and skin replenish it’s pure oils. Frankly I’m unconvinced that almost all of those fashionable merchandise with their miracle elements are far more efficacious- I do know there are issues like liquid nicotine which might be contact poisons, however I don’t actually know of any contact nutritional vitamins. However chacun à son goût. It additionally has a definite if not disagreeable scent to it: A peppery citrus-peel scent that faces a bit to a barely musky lanolin scent, just like the stuff in old-style moisturizers. I prefer it, however I believe it would intervene with no matter I placed on that I actually wish to scent like. If I have been an extended, sizzling tub within the night kind of individual (Which can solely occur with looto winnings, the acquisition of my own residence, and changing the swimming pool into my tub) I might see myself slathering this on my freshly-exfoliated self. Since I’m a bathe within the AM kind of man, I’ll content material myself with utilizing it on my arms and arms after the rigorous washings I give them a pair occasions a day.

So, do you utilize Pores and skin So Tender? Have you ever moved on from it, or is it one thing that you just by no means used in any respect? I’d love to listen to from you within the feedback.

Pictures: My iPhone, Pexels and the interwebs. My bottle was bought on eBay.